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Scholarship Winners

Congratulations Kyleigh Lamb and Mikailla Waltos!
Pictured here with Scholarship Chair-Person: Connie Chapman

Region 4 Scholarship

DEADLINE: May 1st, 2017    [Print the Rules and Guidelines]


A minimum $1000 scholarship awarded annually to a graduating senior wishing to continue his/her education beyond high school.


A minimum $1000 scholarship awarded annually to an adult (i.e., not a graduating senior) wishing to continue his/her adult education.


1. Applicants must be planning to or currently majoring in any profession that requires college or other training equivalent to at least: (1) four school years or (2) two school years.

2. Applicants must be high school seniors or high school graduates currently enrolled, or planning to enroll, in a post high school program leading to an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree.

3. Applicants must be current members of AHA through a Region 4 club. Please attach your current AHA card with application


Applications for each scholarship will be evaluated on the following components. Point values have been assigned to each section. Points are awarded for each section on the basis of content, creativity, grammar, mechanics, and spelling. (Please list all of the following on separate documents.)

• Provide the following information: name, email, address, and phone.

• A short autobiography describing your interests, hobbies, academic achievements, future educational goals and why you believe you qualify for a Region 4 scholarship. (25pts)

• Describe your participation with the Region 4 Arabian Horse Association and all other equine activities ... please list everything. Not just showing. (25pts)

• A SHORT essay (750-1500 words.) Original drawings, artwork, poetry, photos, etc., can be included to enhance the overall presentation. (50pts)

    Essay Title: Promotion and Support of the Arabian/Half-Arabian/AngloArabian Breed Essays will be critiqued on the following:

    • 25% Grammar and Mechanics

    • 25% Creativity

    • 50% Essay Content
    *The scholarship committee will critique the essays.

• The scholarship committee will review all applications and essays, each member assigning point values listed above. Winner of the scholarship awards will be based upon total point accumulation. In the event of a tie, the scholarship committee reserves the right to select the winner based upon group vote.


    • Three letters of recommendation including:

    • One from a horseperson, with comments on applicant's equine abilities or experiences;

    • One from a teacher or advisor indicating the quality of work in school, and;

    • One from any source (e.g. employer, clergyman, etc.). **Adult Only: If you are unable to provide a reference from a teacher or advisor, please provide two from one of the other categories for a total of three letters of recommendation.

    • Proof of acceptance from the school where the scholarship will be applied (Required only after selection of recipient).


• All scholarship forms, answers to above questions, essays, and photocopies, must be sent via email to: depgossler3@yahoo.com ON OR BEFORE MAY 1st, 2017. Subject line should read: Region 4 Scholarship Application. Applicants will receive a confirmation verifying receipt of application.

• Scholarship recipients will be notified no later than June 10th, 2016.

• Scholarship funds may only be used for tuition and/or books. A check will be issued in the name of the specified institution (upon verification of enrollment).

• Scholarships must be used within two years of the date of presentation or the recipient will forfeit the funds. Such funds will be returned to the Region IV Scholarship Foundation account.

• In the event of no applicants in one of the categories, the scholarship committee reserves the right to award two scholarships in the same division.


Incomplete applications will NOT be considered
    ____ Copy of AHA Membership card to verify Region 4 club affiliation
    ____ Provide contact information
    ____ Required answers to questions 2 and 3 (on separate documents)
    ____ Essay
    ____ 3 letters of recommendation
    ____ Proof of acceptance to chosen college or university upon request.


The Region 4 Scholarship Foundation was established in 1993 in memory of deceased regional members. A Scholarship Committee was appointed and the first scholarships were awarded in 1995.

These awards - a youth scholarship (for a graduating high school senior) and an adult scholarship (for a post-high school adult) are presented annually to members in good standing of Region 4 clubs who wish to continue their education beyond high school. While the committee guarantees that each scholarship will be at least $750, in recent years $2,000 has been the amount awarded.

The Region 4 Scholarship Committee would like to encourage your contributions. Pledges in any amount from members, clubs, or interested parties will be gratefully accepted. If a total of at least $5,000 is received in memory of a specific person, one of the annual scholarships will bear that person's name for five or more years. Currently, both scholarships are available for this honor.

For information, application forms or pledge forms, contact any member of the Region 4 Scholarship Committee (all are listed in this directory) or visit the Region 4 website: AHARegionIV.com

The Region 4 Scholarship Committee: Dawn Gossler - chair, Sarah Asby, Rebecca Fielding, Karla Moffitt and Peggy Weems

2014 Adult Winner

Mikailla Waltos ... $2,000 Region 4 Adult Scholarship winner - This was my first year as an Equestrian for the University of Georgia. It has been such a great learning opportunity and a place where I have furthered my equine knowledge and skills. They keep us very busy; we have at least two practices a week but most times that turns into four, five or even six practices a week. Every time I go out to the barn, I ride a different horse. I have my favorites but the coaches always challenge us to pick our least favorites or the ones we struggle with the most in order to gain even more tools for our riding. In the first meet I competed in, the horse kicked out at least 5 times without me using any spur. It even kicked out in the backup. However, I rode the horse to the best of my ability and ended up winning the point. I really think this team has taught me the importance of asking the most out of a horse while going to their box instead of trying to push them farther than they are capable of. Throughout the year I traveled with the team to Auburn, Kansas, Texas and South Carolina. I was very honored to be able to travel and warm up horses for my team as a freshman. I love being involved in the horses' daily lives. We clean stalls, have horse assignments for clipping and maintenance, and learn some vetting information. Also, being around other top riders pushes me to do my best and learn every step of the way.

Being a student athlete for the University of Georgia is definitely challenging at times. It has pushed me to balance my schedule and stay organized. We have four physical workouts each week on top of practices as well as required tutoring and team meetings. We spend over 40 hours a week dedicated to our sport, yet we still have to find time for going to class and doing homework. I am proud to say I got four A's and one A- during my first semester of college. My GPA was a 3.94. I have been named to the NCAA and NCEA academic honor rolls. I am currently majoring in pre-business with the hopes of entering into finance or accounting.

As a team we really focus on community service. This year I have spent over 15 hours donating my time to organizations such as under-privileged schools, homeless shelters and food banks.

Early in 2014, I got a call from a young woman who was doing a report on equestrians from the school and specifically wanted to talk to me about the Arabian breed. I spent quite a bit of time explaining to her why Arabians were so spectacular and how they have taught me so much. We talked about their beauty, versatility and strength. It really brought out my passion for the breed. Although all the other girls come from quarter horse backgrounds, I feel just as prepared and confident to show. I know that Arabians taught me everything- from my first horse Bright who was best known for her hot attitude in the show pen to my wonderful show mare Rylie. Whenever someone asks me about Arabians, I am always happy to explain how great they are. I really try to challenge the stereotype that they are crazy and out of control. I know Arabians can be some of the most gentle, kind-hearted horses out there.

2014 Adult Winner

Meghan Bromley ... $2,000 Region 4 Adult Scholarship winner - Arabians and the Arabian horse community have been important in helping shape my life. In 2005 a four year old Ali Hadid entered my life, a gorgeous chestnut Arabian gelding. He was set to be sold at auction, but we saved him from an uncertain future. Together with my mom we helped train this green horse that hadn't been saddle broke into a competitive distance-ride horse, trail horse and a member of a drill team. He competed in mostly LDs with the Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders and was a member of the Ada County Sheriff's Mounted Posse-ettes.

In 2011 I graduated high school with a GPA of 3.75 and started to attend the University of Idaho. I entered the wildlife resource program and hoped to work with managing wild horses like those on Assateague Island. Once I arrived I found I missed being around horses too much and joined the Polo team that fall. Unfortunately due to money and time constraints, school comes first; I had to leave the team. However, every winter when I would visit home Ali and I would enter the Posse-ettes' Playdays, which was a local pattern running competition. Later that summer I began working with photographer Don Stine at the Arabian Horse Association's Region 4 competition. My mother and I saw all the wonderful and fun opportunities we could have with Ali, and were particularly excited about the trail event. That fall we became the proud owners of a second Arabian, Gameela Umm Durar, or Bambi a beautiful four year old dapple gray mare. Unfortunately in the summer of 2013, as I traveled home from school, Ali passed away from a sudden and severe colic. I worked at the Region 4 Arabian Horse Show once again in 2013 and the show helped me deal with the loss of Ali. It helped in a way only being around Arabians can; it helped me look forward to one day competing with Bambi instead of thinking what might have been with Ali.

This school year I have made the Dean's list and have been accepted as a member of the Natural Resource Honor Society Xi Sigma Pi. I have started doing research on behavioral genetics, as the process of domestication greatly interests me. I am scheduled to once again work with Don Stine at the Region 4 Arabian Horse Show this summer. I am set to graduate in the spring of 2015 and I plan to continue onto grad school and continue my involvement with the Arabians.

I have loved working for the Region 4 Horse Show, and seeing all the amazing things that this beautiful breed has to offer, from reigning to park horses to native costumes. I hope that I can continue to be a part of and support AHA's horse shows.

2013 Adult Winner

Kyleigh Lamb ... Our Region 4 Adult Scholarship winner is currently a junior at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon finishing her associate's degree in elementary education. She will be transferring to OSU-Cascades in the fall of 2013 to get her bachelors in Elementary Ed. Someday she hopes to be able to incorporate her horses with the kids and start a children and horse therapy program.

She currently has three Arabians of her own two geldings and a yearling.

Kyleigh is currently in her second term as the president of The Arabian Horse Club of Central Oregon; also a member on the Board of Directors for the Pacific Coast Breeders Cup, and she has been assisting with the Region 4 Futurity chaired by Karla Moffitt.

Kyleigh has volunteered full time at the Region 4 show currently helping with award presentations in center ring. She has been volunteering at our Region 4 show since she was 10 years old.

Kyleigh wants people to know what great horses the Arabians are, how versatile they are and that they will do whatever you ask of them.

2013 Youth Winner

Mikailla Waltos ... Our Youth Scholarship winner is excited but so sad to say that she is off to college next year and will not be able to show in all the wonderful Region IV shows. However, she is not giving up riding at all! She has officially signed with the University of Georgia to compete on their reining team!

Starting my sophomore year, I started looking into the NCAA Equestrian program. I wanted to continue my love for horses in college. After working hard, I was recruited by the top equestrian schools in the United States. I accepted an offer to ride for UGA in September. Very few Arabian riders make it in the collegiate program. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to compete for such a wonderful school. I plan on breaking many stereotypes about the Arabian breed, teaching my other teammates about the incredible capabilities of the Arabian Breed. She fell in love with her first Arabian horse, Bright, years ago. She taught her so much and really made her the rider she is today. After experiencing the fun and community of Region IV shows, she was hooked. She was blessed to receive her show mare Rylie to make a true competitor in the Region.

Mikailla went on to say; the more shows I attended, the more I wanted to get involved. I looked into the youth group for the region and it was not really active. Talking with some of the other youth, we decided to amp it up. I was elected President (quite an honor) and I have loved every moment of it. We have formed great friendships and really strengthened our knowledge of the Arabian horse. As a group, we organized many games at the regional shows over the years, helped with the stick horses, and raised money to support and promote the Arabian breed. I have participated in the regional meetings and of course led and organized all the youth meetings. Furthermore, I have shown up as a delegate to the National Youth Association every year that I have attended nationals. I have shown my support, voted, and learned many interesting things through the seminars at Nationals. I was involved in changing the age from 17 to 18 in order for all youth to show through their last year of high school. At Scottsdale, I talk and socialize with the locals to promote the breed as well. I also volunteer for the youth night to make it a great show for all the younger children.

Besides horses, Mikailla is very active in her community. She has a grade point average above a 3.9. She participates in many school programs such as National Honor Society, leadership, mentoring, tutoring, and fundraisers, retreats and much more. She is very involved in the Christian Service department at Jesuit High. She has helped at the Boys and Girls club for under privileged kids, soup kitchens, and immersion programs in other countries

2012 Youth Winner

Grant Howell ... I started working with horses when I was 15, my freshman year of high school. I'd been around horses before and taken riding lessons but I wanted to start working with a horse. My first horse was El Shikar Hariq KB, also known as Harley. A two year old, I began ground training him, later showing him in the Clackamas County 4-H Fair, winning reserve for the ground training class. I also took him to local and regional Arabian shows, showing him in the Sporthorse In-hand classes. As time progressed, I began to train him for carriage driving, competing at a local Arabian show, Sporthorse Regionals, and Sporthorse Nationals in 2010. Wanting a bit more horse, my family purchased a Half-Arabian Half-Saddlebred mare, High Society Fling. I showed Duchess in Carriage at Region 4 Sporthorse last year, and look forward to showing her this year in Sporthorse In-hand classes, as well as seeing my sister show her in Hunter Pleasure.

I will be graduating from Lake Oswego High School this year, and I will be studying at Oregon State University this fall, potentially majoring in Biology. My horses will make the trip down to Corvallis with me, so I can work with them regularly and hopefully continue to show over the summer. Showing horses has been a wonderful experience, and one that I look forward to continuing in the future.

2012 Adult Winner

Kyleigh Lamb ... I have been riding horses for as long as I can remember. My first horse was Lady. She taught me a lot of things and we did everything together. She took me on my first trail ride and she also took me to my very first show. I am currently in the process of starting my three year old Arabian gelding McDreamy. McDreamy and I have won a few first place ribbons in halter and hopefully will win more under saddle. I am currently the president of The Arabian Horse Club of Central Oregon. We are putting on an AHA rated one-day show at Brasada Ranch of which I am a co-chairman. I volunteer full time at the Region 4 show and help with award presentations in center ring. I have been doing this every year since I was 10 years old and have never missed a day. I am currently a sophomore at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon finishing up my associate's degree in elementary education. I will be transferring to OSU-Cascades in the spring of 2013.